BodyGem Metabolic Measurement Tool Allows the Ability to Personalize Your Fitness program Based Upon Your Unique Metabolism

Master Your Metabolism with Bodygem (RMR) Metabolic Testing

Improving your lean to fat mass ratio is an important component of enhancing your overall fitness.  Improving your body composition through strength training means you'll burn more calories, even while at rest!  But how do you know where to begin and over time, how you are progressing?  This 5 minute screening test let's you know!


Why is knowing your metabolic footprint so important to your weight management success??


To answer this question imagine trying to balance your checkbook without knowing how much money you have in your account.  Impossible, right?  You can count calories and carbohydrate intake until your energy level hits rock bottom.  But unless you know-really know- how many calores your body needs to burn you'll never know how to manage your nutrition for long term success.


Because You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure......

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