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What is Root Cause of Your Chronic Illness ?



Chronic disease affects half of all Americans and accounts for 84 percent of our $3.8 trillion health care bill. This would be depressing except for one simple fact: Most of these chronic illnesses are lifestyle-related diseases. That means they’re preventable, treatable and often even reversible through changes in lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and stress.

More specifically, the food we eat (or don’t eat) is the single biggest driver of chronic illness – everything from heart disease to diabetes, cancer to dementia, arthritis to autoimmunity, and more.



Simply put, food can cause disease, but it also can cure disease. 



That is why I have created this 5 session course – to create a simple road map for using food as medicine. The science behind it is derived from the emerging view that food is not just calories but information – instructions that control your gene expression, hormones, immune system, and brain chemistry and provide the raw materials to build every cell of your body. The food you eat even determines which gut bacteria flourish in your digestive tract – good guys or bad guys. Each bite is literally controlling every function of your body. Again, food is not just calories.


Food is Information 

Achieve is designed to get to the root cause most chronic disease by eliminating all non-food substances that send messages of disease to your body. This way of eating is designed to eliminate cravings and food addiction and be low glycemic, anti- infammatory, gut healing, brain boosting, and blood-sugar balancing. 


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