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Self Paced Evidence Based Home Exercise Program for Fall Prevention

This program was proven to reduce fall risk by 35% in 4 randomized clinical trials in New Zealand!

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The Otago Exercise Program

The Otago Exercise Program is a series of 17 strength and balance exercises delivered by a Physical Therapist in the home that reduces falls between 35 and 40% for sedentary older adults.  This evidence-based program, developed in New Zealand, calls for PTs to assess, coach and progress patients over the course of six months to one year.  Recent research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine and Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention shows statistically significant improvement in clinical scores after as little as 8 weeks.1 

In the Unites States, the Otago Exercise Program is being promoted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and the Administration for Community Living in 16 states to help reduce the burden of falls through prevention and exercise education. The CDC has identified four key factors you can modify to reduce the risk of falls, and top on that list is to begin an exercise program that includes both strength and balance training.

Four things you can do to prevent falls:

1  Begin an exercise program to improve your leg strength & balance
2  Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medicines
3  Get annual eye check-ups & update your eyeglasses
4  Make your home safer by:

Removing clutter & tripping hazards

Putting railings on all stairs & adding grab bars in the bathroom

Having good lighting, especially on stairs 


Course Exercise Package Options

We offer this course as a free self guided resource for self assessment and education as well as a paid option to work with a physical therapist. If you would like to preview the course free  please read the site disclaimer and terms of use before you begin.  We suggest this course be presented and completed under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist that has been trained to offer the Otago Program. Note: The clinical trials completed and cited in the literature demonstrated the best outcomes when the program had been delivered with the oversight of physical therapists and trained health professionals.  

Please choose the best option for your needs below.  If you choose the paid option you will be prompted to schedule your first visit with a physical therapist once your payment has been processed at checkout.  The physical therapist fee covers initial time to meet with you in our wellness center to provide an overview of the program and conduct the baseline functional assessments used in the Otago program.  You can reserve and pay for follow-up PT appointments as needed during the course of the program.  Ask your physical therapist for details and additional fees if you would prefer to have a home visit scheduled for your appointment to help you start with your baseline assessments and corrective exercises. 

Otago Functional Assessments


(These tests are part of your baseline Functional Assessments in the Otago Balance Based Exercise Program. You can learn why they are valuable indicators of your current balance level and fall rish by attending an upcoming free webinar.)

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1 Shubert, TE, Smith, ML, Jiang, L. Ory, M. Perceived and Actual Physical Performance Improvements from an In-Home Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults in Press for The Gerontologist

*Over 1000 high risk older adults (65+) were enrolled in four independent randomized controlled trials in New Zealand. Those that completed the Otago Exercise Program reduced their risk of falls and related injuries by 35%. 

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  • Otago Monthly Checkin Service-Recurring Fee.
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